Our exclusive BIOPONIX soil, root and water conditioner is the best formulation presently available on
today’s market place.


It protects roots against the undesirable effects of uncontrolled biological fertilizer degradation, keeps a clear, odorless water reserve, stimulates vigorous plant growth and keeps plant diseases at bay. It works very well with plants of all kinds, and ready to use.It also is safe for humans and animals, and should be used together with our BIOPONIX 100% organic liquid plant nutrient, for reliable and professional results. It is a must for successful organic water reserve container gardening.


Registration number 2016152A Fertilizers Act. 

Soil Conditioner

    • Dilute 2,5 ml in 1 liter of water. 
    • Add our BIOPONIX liquid plant nutrient according to instructions. 
    • Water thoroughly at the surface of the soil. 
    • Constitute a water reserve if you use a water reserve plant container. 

    Product is best before 18 months after original is broken. Store at a cool temperature, out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Store in the original sealed container, keep tightly closed when not in use.