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Feuilles pulpeuses Palm

Our System


After 25 years of research, we have designed the BIOPONIX System, composed of our revolutionary planter, our high performance soil conditioner, and our complete organic fertilizer.

It is an all in one solution dedicated to both the amateur and professional farmer. Although the 3 components can be purchased separately, our expertise has allowed us to combine the best of today's agriculture and to offer it to you at optimal quality and at the best cost.

Bioponix planter

Traditional containers are not built to boost the root health of your plants, causing stress and growing difficulties. The special structure of the BIOPONIX planter guarantees excellent root formation, which at the same time eliminates frequent and tedious repotting. In addition, the bioponic cultivation method is based on the unique and patented concept of planters equipped with a water tank located in an open environment and therefore totally aerobic. This water reserve at the bottom of the pot is fertilized while being stabilized by our inoculant promoting a rich and healthy environment for the roots.

Bioponix IndiviSol v61.png

Liquid plant nutrient

Our exclusive BIOPONIX 100% organic 1-2-4 plant nutrient formulation has been created especially for all flowering plants and vegetables alike, to allow beginners and professional container gardeners to increase flower and fruit production. It is ready and easy to use: just dilute in water, and its effects will be seen as early as the next day. It is recommended for all types of plants, and its effects are spectacular when combined with our BIOPONIX inoculant. Tried, tested and true: it works!


Liquid soil conditioner

Our exclusive BIOPONIX soil, root and water conditioner is the best formulation presently available on today’s market place. It protects roots against the undesirable effects of uncontrolled biological fertilizer degradation, keeps a clear, odorless water reserve, stimulates vigorous plant growth and keeps plant diseases at bay. It works very well with plants of all kinds, and ready to use.It also is safe for humans and animals, and should be used together with our BIOPONIX 100% organic liquid plant nutrient, for reliable and professional results. It is a must for successful organic water reserve container gardening. 


By using the Bioponix system you will get 


Faster plant growth compared to traditional gardening planters

Increase in the number of flowers and fruits

Increase in the number of cuttings, stems and branches


Better strength and performance of the root system

Significant reduction in fertilizer inputs

Increase in the resistance of plants to pollutants, pathogenic organisms, drought, high soil temperature and transplant shock

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