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What's Bioponics?

Bioponics for Agriculture 4.0

Bioponics is an innovative method of 100% organic cultivation that brings a real revolution
in the currently well-known field of cultivation of the soilless type and in hydroponics mode. In
combining organic fertilizer formulations with extra-efficient compositions from
soil conditioners, bioponics naturally provide ideal growing conditions as well as all
what the earth contains, useful and beneficial to the roots of any plant.

This innovative and distinctive method of plant cultivation makes a very positive contribution to the
framework of ecology and respect for natural systems because it saves water, nutrients and
microorganisms promoting the development of plants in a natural environment and not
harmful to the planet. The quality of the harvests of bioponic crops is thus impressive.

This performance can be explained in several ways, but generally speaking, bioponics encourages
the natural mechanisms of plant nutrient uptake
. In fact, it has been scientifically demonstrated
that bioponic agriculture encourages several distinct populations of beneficial microorganisms
of the soil to quickly and actively supply the essential nutrients contained in the compost
directly inside the roots
. By being constantly supplied with water and nutrients,
the roots stop growing unnecessarily and provide all the nutrients necessary for the
complete development of the plant, for exceptional results, and above all within the reach of all
users, whether they are amateurs as well as professionals.

Bioponic agriculture can be used with any plant! 

Here's some advantages offered by bioponics in soilless mode

Efficient management of space through better arrangement of plants
No need for regular addition of solid phase compost minimizing the physical work required
Increased control of soil microbial flora using a probiotic approach
Obtain plants more resistant to diseases
Rational use of inputs offering no loss of water, fertilizer nor soil conditioner
The roots are never exposed to thermal shocks
The possibility of cultivating non-grafted species
Suitable for all crops and plant species
Be able to choose the potting mixes of your choice
No root competition between the plants
Optimization of the probiotic potential of vermicompost
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