Our Story

BIOPONIX’s history represents more than 25 years of scientific research and experimental development, with eminent scientific partners.


Our unique and distinctive approach to growing plants first led to the discovery of root segregation interface technology, which effectively prevents the formation of a compact root bun in the bottom of growing containers for plants.


Then, research focused on the development of a very high performance soil conditioner, in order to propose a very high performance bio-inspired culture method.


Right now, we're proud to suggest the super-precision, high-yielding Agriculture 4.0 that will make any green thumb blush with envy!

Farmers Illustration


The cultivation of plants in soilless mode and in bio-inspired management has no secrets for us.


In our concern to democratize organic farming and in the current context of awareness of food resilience, we offer a complete family of products as well as our unique and innovative method of gardening, which ensures absolutely local agro-food production, absolutely natural and absolutely reliable, accessible to all users.

Who we are

The BIOPONIX team brings together enthusiasts from fields as diverse as microbial biotechnology, corporate development, marketing and visual communication, in Canada and in Europe.


Our group has been working for several years to simplify the often boring gardening process, in order to suggest you the easiest, the most efficient and the most enjoyable gardening method available.


To try it is to adopt it!

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