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Planning a rooftop garden

Container technology is light weight.


It is less expensive and conveys less stress and weight on already existing horizontal roof structures. For comparison purposes, our container system carries a weight of 25 pounds per square foot of embellished rooftop surface. Membrane and mat systems can weigh up to 100 pounds per square foot of embellished rooftop surface, as they completely cover roof surface. Our container technology design strategically distributes water and soil weight in small individual sections rather than in large areas, hence reducing weight stress, without compromising an iota on rooftop surface embellishment goals. Moreover, hardscape elements such as edging, pavers, pergolas, artificial hills or water features can also be integrated into your design.

Container technology also allows perfect control of water use.

Automatic fillings of your rooftop container system with water is done according to the precise knowledge of how much water and nutrients your plants actually need during the week, hence reducing water waste and allowing precise water management. The precise needs of the plants are met by programming the appropriate amounts of water and nutrients that can be delivered directly at the base of each individual plant.

Container technology is cost effective.

The BIOPONIX system acts as a barrier against the sun on rooftop surfaces. It will reduce air conditioning costs. Creating a rooftop garden also means that you care about our environment. Greener roofs indeed contribute to improving air quality for greener cities and creating more sustainable environments.

The BIOPONIX system acts as a carbon sink, transforming carbon dioxide into attractive greenery, beautiful flowers, and most importantly, food! This is the purpose of organic rooftop urban agriculture.

Now, YOU can make a difference in our fight against greenhouse gases, urban heat islands and climate change.

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