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The plants will develop two sets of root systems

This entire plant cultivation concept is based on the precise geometry and biological function of the removable culture insert placed in the BIOPONIX individual plant container. Called a Root-forming Interface Support Element, or RISE, this technology fosters the perfect balance between the air, the water and the biological components of the soil surrounding the ever expanding root system. Any indoor or outdoor plant will quickly find its optimal growing conditions, and will effortlessly reach its full maturity without repotting.

This is because the plant will develop two sets of root systems: one set that stays in the compost layer in search of microbial partners and nutrition, and one set that will directly reach down into the water in the reservoir, in a perfectly aerobic rhizosphere environment:

On some of our plant containers, there is a monitor attached to the water reservoir. The operator can determine at a glance whether a valve should be opened to drain overflow, or an irrigation system should be opened to top it up. The trick is to keep a water reserve at halfway full. This will allow a perfect balance

between the air and the water, and will surely attract roots to find the interface zone. An electronic water level detector can also easily provide reliable water monitoring and management to a system of interconnected BIOPONIX recipients, for professional results.

Moreover, the buffer interface zone located between the water reservoir and the compost layer decreases considerably, if not completely, the root spiral formation which occurs regularly in non-copper coated traditional container cultures. This eliminates the need for plant repotting, and will allow plants to reach full maturity quickly.

This innovative container culture design triggers a trophic growth cascade, and will clearly improve and give more uniform plant growth, as demonstrated by experimental data that are easy to reproduce, even by inexperienced gardeners.

Experiments with the BIOPONIX system confirm its efficiency for plant culture. The innovative concept of the three environmental rhizosphere phases (soil-air-water) allows root segregation into their nutritive and absorbing functions. Therefore, root plant differentiation and shoot plant growth are considerably improved.

The addition of mycorrhizae to the compost layer is highly recommended.

You can also add vermicompost and our commercial preparation of soil conditioner in the compost, to enhance its biological activity. In fact, our exclusive BIOPONIX soil conditioner is the most effective ever created, with its proprietary mixture of beneficial soil conditioning bacteria and plant growth promoting micro-organisms. It is compatible to any organic fertilizer formulation.

The BIOPONIX system shows a very good compatibility with these symbiotic microorganisms, beneficial to plant growth and development. Desirable culture parameters such as plant resistance to stress and disease, water retention, flower production and overall vegetable garden productivity will be greatly improved.

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